Learn exactly what to do (or not do) about high cholesterol.

Cut through the confusion and hype, avoid unnecessary drugs and prevent heart disease naturally.

  • Have you been diagnosed with "high cholesterol"?
  • Are you wondering whether you should take the statin your doctor prescribed?
  • Are you wondering what tests you should get to determine your risk of heart disease?
  • Has your cholesterol shot up after starting a low-carb or Paleo/Primal diet?
  • Are you looking for ways to prevent heart disease naturally, without drugs

Why both sides of the cholesterol debate are wrong (and how choosing a side could put you at risk)

Chris Kresser

As a clinician that consults with patients around the world, and the creator of a popular health-related blog (chriskresser.com) and radio show (Revolution Health Radio), I get a lot of questions about cholesterol. It's no wonder people are confused: there's so much conflicting information out there, and a lot of it is wrong.

The discussion of cholesterol and its role in heart disease has become polarized over the past decade. On the one hand you have the "cholesterol believers," who claim that cholesterol is an evil nutrient that causes heart disease and we should get it as low as we possibly can. On the other you have the "cholesterol skeptics" who claim that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease, and we shouldn't even bother measuring it. So who's right?

As is often the case with polarized issues, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. The understanding of what causes heart disease has evolved significantly over the past ten years, and the relationship between cholesterol and heart disease is far more complex and nuanced than either side lets on. Unfortunately, the two extremes (the believers & the skeptics) are still driving the debate. This means that some people that need treatment aren't getting it, and some people that don't need treatment are getting too much.

I've spent thousands of hours studying the science so you don't have to.

I created the High Cholesterol Action Plan to offer a middle-ground perspective based more on research and less on dogma. Over the past five years I've read over 750 peer-reviewed studies, consulted with experts in the field and challenged everything I thought I knew about this topic. And now I want to share what I've learned with you so you can make smart decisions about protecting yourself and those you love from heart disease.

After completing the program, you will know:

  • What a normal cholesterol level really is (it's not what you think)
  • When high cholesterol is a problem - and when it's not
  • The little-known causes of high cholesterol, and how to treat them
  • Exactly which tests to get, and how to interpret the results
  • How to lower your cholesterol with diet & lifestyle changes
  • Which supplements are beneficial, and which to avoid
  • Whether statin drugs are a good choice for you or your loved ones

There's no other program like this, and the information I cover in this course isn't available in books or even through university or graduate-level courses. I've spent more than five years and hundreds - if not thousands - of hours analyzing and synthesizing seemingly endless amounts of data into a concise, practical and effective action plan you can follow.

In fact, after finishing the High Cholesterol Action Plan, you'll know more about cholesterol and its relationship to heart disease than 99.5% of people on the planet - including many medical professionals. This isn't because clinicians aren't smart or don't care about their patients. It's because this material isn't taught in medical schools, and the field has changed so rapidly in the past several years that it's hard for doctors and patients to keep up.

  • Chris delivers a thoughtful and thorough evidenced-based approach to our modern health problems. The High Cholesterol Action Plan takes into account genetics and individual variations along with the state of the art evidence about cholesterol treatment and heart disease. It's a program I would follow for myself or my family should the need arise, and I would take to my personal physician with confidence.
    Emily Deans Emily Deans
    Clinical Instructor, M.D. Harvard Medical School
  • Chris Kresser has distilled complex cholesterol theory down to an easy-to-understand format. A wonderful resource for health care practitioners and patients alike.
    Cynthia Li Cynthia Li, MD - Berkeley, CA
    Integrative Medicine

The high cholesterol action plan includes:

Over 5 hours of multimedia video presentation, broken into 9 weekly modules

A PDF transcript of the presentation

An MP3 audio recording of the presentation

A step-by-step action plan to help you create a practical, personalized plan

Quick-reference "cheat sheets" on everything from testing to supplements to discussion points for your doctor's visit

Free Bonus Content! Interviews with prominent experts on weight regulation, sleep, movement and other aspects of a heart-healthy lifestyle, and a quick-reference poster with tips for optimizing your health

The high cholesterol action plan is an 9-week course, with one module delivered each week.

There's no rush to finish the modules each week. You'll continue to have access to the previous weeks' content on an ongoing basis.

Week 1

How Heart Disease Develops (Part 1)

In these first two modules we lay the groundwork for the rest of the course by covering important cholesterol basics and debunking common myths about cholesterol and heart disease. In Part 1 you'll learn the two crucial - but little known - factors that drive the process of heart disease.

Week 2

How Heart Disease Develops (Part 2)

In this module, we continue Part 2 of our discussion of what really causes high cholesterol and heart disease. We'll cover the 4 primary causes of high cholesterol and heart disease as well as the 4 main causes of oxidative damage.

Week 3

How to determine your risk of heart disease (Part 1)

In this module we begin by discussing the standard lipid panel, including which markers are useful and which aren't. You'll learn what a normal cholesterol level really is (it may not be what you think); which newer cholesterol tests you should get and how to interpret them, and which tests you shouldn't bother with.

Week 4

How to determine your risk of heart disease (Part 2)

In this module you'll learn about additional tests that are used to determine heart disease risk – including Lp(a), CRP, LpPLA2, homocysteine, iron panel with ferritin, blood sugar markers and calcium scans – who should get them, and how to interpret the results.

Week 5

Heart-healthy diet and lifestyle (Part 1)

In this module you'll learn the basic principles of a truly heart-healthy diet and lifestyle, including which foods to eat, which to avoid, and which dietary changes are most important.

Week 6

Heart-healthy diet and lifestyle (Part 2)

In this module you'll learn about other important dietary and lifestyle factors that help protect against heart disease, such as basic supplementation, exercise and stress management.

Week 7

Separating fact from fiction about statins

In this module you'll learn how statins work, what effects they have on different populations (like men with and without heart disease, women and the elderly), what side effects and risks they have, and how to minimize those side effects & risks if you are taking them.

Week 8

Natural heart disease prevention

In this module you'll learn about medicinal foods, supplements, botanicals and nutrients that have been shown to reduce cholesterol and improve other biomarkers associated with heart disease.

Week 9

Create your personalized Action Plan

In this final module I'll take you through a step-by-step process for creating your own personalized action plan. This is the culmination of everything we've covered in the program so far, translated into a practical and easy-to-follow roadmap for preventing heart disease and avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgery.

Products included in the High Cholesterol Action Plan
Are you concerned about heart disease? Do you have a family history of heart attack or stroke? Do you REALLY understand the role of cholesterol and inflammation in cardiovascular disease risk? Whatever your concerns, Chris Kresser's program will both answer your questions and provide step by step protocols for reversing CVD and getting you on the road to good health. No other program combines the power of Ancestral Nutrition with the latest breakthroughs in diagnostic medicine.
Robb Wolf Robb Wolf - Reno, NV
Author of NY Times Bestseller The Paleo Solution
  • Chris Kresser's High Cholesterol Action Plan would benefit all of those whom I teach including patients, students, and residents. Everyone needs to have improved understanding of the biochemistry of cholesterol, the risks of both low and high cholesterol, and the ways in which we can improve our health through appropriate cholesterol management. Chris has the unique ability of explaining the complex and making it seem simple without reducing out the important details.
    Rick Henriksen C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP - Salt Lake City, Utah
    Clinical Instructor, University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Chris Kresser has created a vitally important program that helps you navigate this complex topic. The program helps you possess a deep understanding of lifestyle factors that really matter, and it provides an excellent decision framework to navigate your own blood values. Scientifically based and comprehensive, the HCAP program will empower you with confidence and command of this topic and ultimately, help you work with your health care providers to ensure the best outcome for you.
    Dan Pardi Dan Pardi - San Francisco, CA
    CEO of Dan's Plan and Ph.D candidate, Leiden University

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30-Day Guarantee!

My grandfather on my mother's side died prematurely from heart disease, in large part because of poor advice from his doctors and an unnecessary surgery that he never recovered from. I don't want that to happen to you or anyone you care about.

That's why I'm offering a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. I want to eliminate any possible barriers that might stand in the way of you taking this course. In short, I want you to see this as the no-brainer it is.

Here's how it works. Sign up today using one of the two payment plans, and you'll get instant access to the first module. Each week you'll gain access to a new module. If for any reason you don't feel like you've received your money's worth during the first 30 days, simply contact support using the "Support" tab within the customer area and we'll credit you back 100% of your tuition with no questions asked.

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